This website is a meeting point for relatives and descendants of Catherine Billeter Pratt,

like an internet equivalent of her home of 15 children, and uncounted more grandchildren!

The site is currently being developed, but will include many resources, download documents, histories, genealogies, news items, and other methods for bringing Grandma Katie's descendants together.

Currently, a small team, led by Catherine's remaining children and their spouses, is putting together a tribute book, with some essential materials about their mother.  This will be available as a computer PDF download, as well as a larger print ready PDF document.   A custom order, hard bound digitally printed book will also be available.

Please feel free to contact the site webmaster to pass along your contact information.  Your information will be forwarded to members of the volunteer group working on this project.

For now, enjoy some of the progress being made at the Tribute link!